How can we not sit & be still with Him…

Wow. What a day yesterday?

The specifics don’t really matter but it is in those “desperate” moments that I am so grateful to my Living Father that He has instilled in me a desire and hunger for quiet time with Him.

This is hard.

This has to be intentional.

The outside world bangs on every door we have. Fleshly desires take over and hope seems lost.

I have finally learned what quiet time really means. It is not just quietly studying the Bible. It is total and complete surrender of mind and body to God.It takes me usually 40 minutes to get to this point nightly. When I can finally surrender my mind to God something beautiful and unexplainable happens. It is this refreshing of the soul and renewing of the mind that will see us through the difficult times.

I can’t even say in words how critical this quiet time is in our Christian walk or better said in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Most of the praying and Bible studying is prideful and self-centered anyway so don’t we owe some moments a day to completely let ourselves fall into His arms. I mean to totally let go and free fall right into the HANDS of our Lord& Savior.

Yes. God. Yes. I. do. I. just. Want. You.


quiet time

One thought on “How can we not sit & be still with Him…

  1. Amen my friend! Yes and yes. The Noise will always come knocking. Always. But our time of refreshment in The Lord, it is so very good! Loved this, Kristy!

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