Don’t forget…


dont forget 2


Since I am now going to be blogging please know I failed every grammar test and I am not a writer but I am a thinker and although I can’t get my thoughts on paper very well, God is telling me to try!!

 The surf. The sound. The waves crashing. The sea breeze. Ahhhhh

Why is the most perfect time to PRAISE GOD for the beauty do we get so wrapped up in vacation & forget the Creator of the universe???????

As we get ready to leave for Hatteras this weekend I am going to be intentional in bringing God with us. Don’t I want to teach the girls that God is everywhere and this vacation is a gift from Him? Instead of taking a vacation from everything, I want to dedicate this vacation to Him. I want my girls to know God is everywhere in the good and the bad. He goes everywhere we go.

The most important thing in teaching your children about faith is being the example. Show them you are still studying the Bible, still praying, still singing His Name, still praising Him, and still thanking Him.

My husband and I must show the girls that Jesus is Lord over our life everywhere we go and in every circumstance. Behave no differently in our Christian walk as we do at home. Maybe, even ooze Jesus a little more because we are thankful for a vacation in a beautiful place.

We can start as soon as we get in the car.

1.  Point out pretty things we pass and show them God’s beauty.

2. Find beauty in things you normally would not and this will rub off on your children and even on yourself.

3. Intentionally talk about God throughout the vacation.

4. Play worship music whenever possible

5. Bible lesson on creation on the beach

6. Have contests who can talk about Jesus to the most people during vacation.

7. Ask your kids. Who makes the ocean? Who makes the waves? Who makes the mountains?

8. I can’t even imagine a family devotion first thing in the morning ON THE beach!



Honestly, I am so excited. This is the first vacation that we have intentionally prepared to make it about God.  I think there are 22 of us and this is the perfect week for ministering, loving, and praising.

His Hands & Feet,



Ideas from




I am working on the girl’s travel packs using several ideas from Pinterest. I will do a blog post on those when we return!



2 thoughts on “Don’t forget…

  1. Regarding your disclaimer — you absolutely get your thoughts across well on paper! Enjoy your blessed vacation. I look forward to following your blog!

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