After pondering on this all week I could not believe all the fresh visions that popped up but there were 2 that were very important to me.

 fresh vision

Really think about that fresh vision. I LOVE WHAT LYSA SAID ON PAGE 114, “He looks past all the outside trappings and misguided intentions straight to the heart. He wants our FULL attention and absolute devotion. Don’t mistake this to look like a bunch of Christianese speaking robots walking around chanting the rules of God. No, women who say yes to God are as unique in their approach to the sold out life for Christ as pebbles found creekside.” #Wow #palmsup #saywhat #YestoGod #FreshVision

1.  Obediencefresh vision5

A faithful servant would not expect a special award for obeying what they were required to do anyway. We should not have a wrong attitude toward our duties either. Obeying God is a privledge but so many times I am huffing over my Christian DUTIES. It is not something to pat yourself on the back for. Do we get extra credit for serving God????


Obedience isn’t extra credit, it is our duty. I, especially, need to be careful of spiritual pride. It is a tough one that the enemy uses to slowly creep into my heart and it is rooted before I know it. We are not something special for doing what we are suppose to do, we should serve humbly and obedience should not be out of the ordinary for us.

It should be the NORM. No more, “I’ll do better next time or “Im a horrible Christian.”I need to stop this thinking. I need to rely on Jesus and trust He is Lord and we are called to obey! We all fall short of the glory of God but GUESS WHAT??? A humilating and brutal death took place long ago so we can be set FREE. A gift! Grace!The blood of Christ makes us NOT failures. What is the proper atttidue is doing the will of God FROM THE HEART.


2.  Being a Stay at Home Mom &Wife

A lot of times, I feel the stares burning my skull. I am judging them and they are judging me. Well, maybe? Or maybe the enemy is filling my head with lies.I conjure in my own head that other people are thinking,”what does she do all day?” Not everyone is called to stay home? I never in a million years thought I would be.


I never planned to stay at home and “waste” a college education. (Go Pirates ARRRRGGG) God had other plans. I am called to stay at home and not everyone is judging me. Darn you, Satan. Flee dude flee. Every LITTLE THING I do is for the glory of the Lord. I am called to the biggest job I have ever had…training my children in the way they should go. I am a traditional type. I cook he does everything outside;-)


Even picking up cheerios can be done for the glory of the Lord. I kid you notJ We love to shout praises during clean up or dinner time.

I could devote a blog alone to this so I am keeping it very short but I am very passionate about this…about my calling to this area.


It is pretty simple, I am in love with Jesus Christ. Absolute, completely Jesus FREAK… I can’t have hope in anything here. I can’t rely on myself to guide and train my children. Our only hope is in Jesus Christ. Thank you, God!

At His Feet,



6 thoughts on “#FreshVision

  1. Oh Kristy how I needed exactly what you wrote here. It’s like you were speaking directly to me. Well, God is using you as a tool to speak to me, to remind me of my calling and my obedience to Him. Thank you!!

  2. Fantastic song! I love knowing that every little thing that we do really does brighten God’s day as well as the lives of those around us. Sometimes it is so easy to feel insignificant in a world where there are missionaries in far-away lands, large groups working together to aid the hungry or the homeless, and all of those other BIG things that people are able to do. Sometimes I have to just pause for a moment and remember that I am helping too…. even if it is just the “little things”.

  3. I love your heart, sweet friend!! You’re so right….we don’t HAVE to obey, we GET to. It’s our love response back to the One who loved us first. Oh, how He loves us!

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