Psalm 81:10



Are we seriously almost done with What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst. Wow! What a blessing this online Bible Study with Melissa Taylor has been. I have been so blessed and I am so grateful God led me to OBS.

Psalm 81:10

“I am the Lord your God,
 who brought you up out of the land of Egypt.
Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.”

 Psalm 81:10 ESV


“For it was I, the Lord your God,
who rescued you from the land of Egypt.
Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it with good things.”

Psalm 81:10 NLT


“Listen, dear ones—get this straight;
O Israel, don’t take this lightly.
Don’t take up with strange gods,
don’t worship the latest in gods.
I’m God, your God, the very God
who rescued you from doom in Egypt,
Then fed you all you could eat,
filled your hungry stomachs.”

Psalm 81:10 The Message

last YTG blog


This study is the first time I started blogging. I am not a writer so I was really confused why God was nudging me to blog. I, love, commas, and, I, put, them, everything J


Now I have to actually WRITE what scripture means to me. This is so easy for me to talk about or verbalize but it is very difficult for me to get what is in my mind onto paper but going over and studying scripture is one of my most favorite things to do. This verse was actually very hard for me to gain insight on.


The fact that God rescued Israel meant that Israel owed everything to God. Just like today. I owe everything to God.


God was ready to openly satisfy all of Israel’s need. All. Of. Them. All they had to do was open their mouth. Oh, how I want to open my mouth wide and let God fill it. I am in a season of my faith where I know I have to give Him everything. My children are not mine, they are his. My husband is not mine, he is a child of God. So why do I keep holding on to what is not mine? Why do I have such a hard time letting go?


Understanding more about grace was so important to me. Grace comes before the revelation of the LAW. That was a pivotal revelation for me to understand more of grace. I knew this conceptually but now I know this in my heart.


If you take the key words from this verse and look them up then deeper understanding can be gained. Dicitonary of Bible Themes says,


People are called upon to listen attentively to God’s word, to his Son and also to words of wisdom. Christians must not only listen to God’s word but also put it into practice. Those who refuse to listen to God’s word or to correction are condemned.

PUT IT INTO PRACTICE. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. However, you want to say it put it into action. One of the biggest lessons for me through Yes to God is a lot of my deeper understanding comes when I EXPERIENCE “IT” with God. When I experience God then I know Him better. I walk closer with Him


Verses 11-16 take it even further and tell us what might have been. What might have been if we obeyed God? Psalms tells us they could have had the finest of wheat or honey out of a rock. Israel did not get this. Why? Because instead they were enemies of God. The Creator of all.


BUT, repentence and obedience is still open to us. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning.


So, am I going to obey God today? Am I going to continue to submerse my soul into His Word to be fed and renewed on a daily basis. Scratch that…it is more than daily. It is hourly….


At His Feet,


I will be working for my Jesus.. He will provide but I will not follow Israel footsteps. I will open my mouth wide and serve CHRIST…. (by the way this song is amazing)



4 thoughts on “Psalm 81:10

  1. Oh, sweet sister, His mercies really are new every single morning. Praise Jesus! Love how you try to put into words what is going on in your heart, girl. And love being on this journey to grow and become more rooted in His Word, together. ❤

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