God is Enough EVEN through DEATH. WooHOOOOO

2 cor 1293

Oh, this verse has been speaking to me for so long. HE IS ENOUGH. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. I have come to a point in my walk with Christ where I realize that I must make this true. I love Jesus more than my husband or children. This is not easy and only possible with Jesus. I mean we all have to get to this point where His Spirit just oozes out of our pores and we literally can’t stand it if we don’t shine Him. I mean a crazy in love relationship with OUR LIVING GOD.


I can’t worry about my children’s safety because I trust His promises.

I can’t keep doubting every little thing because I trust His promises.

I can’t worry while my husband is driving because I trust His promises.

I can’t fret over the future because I trust His promises.

I can’t try to control situations because I trust His promises.

I can’t show anymore unbelief because I TRUST HIS PROMISES.

He doesn’t promise me that nothing won’t ever happen but He does promise me it will be for the good. He does promise me that I am loved.  I certainly was not happy when my daughter was stillborn and died before she was out of my womb. I wondered where His Grace was then????

My point of surrender has to be this statement. Even if something happened to Michael, Kalee, or Emilee then my God is still enough! Period.

 He. Is. Enough. I don’t need these worldly things. More of Him, ya’ll! Less of ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on the crazy God seeking journey to be so madly in love with Jesus Christ that nothing else will matter. That the truth that He is enough rings so true that all my fears and failures ARE smashed in the grace and sovereignty of my Lord and Savior! Woot! Will you join me? When Jesus comes back nothing else will matter. When Jesus comes back all knees will bow and all tongues confess!

 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. 2 Cor 12:9

 Christ’s power is best displayed against my fleshly weakness. It just is. Because then God alone is praised. I can’t do anything on my own. Instead of removing my problems (boy don’t I wish He would), my Father gives me grace in my problems. His grace alone is sufficient. This means contentment. The Greek word “trans” in verse 7 means to keep one from being conceited. Yep. We all need a humbling dose of reality. I got mine this week.

God is telling me once and for all that His grace is enough. Get it through your head, Kristy!

What is grace? We all have definitions and most of us forget the real meaning of GRACE. It sure is awesome to receive it but it can surely STINK to give it.

Bible Exposition Commentary says this about grace, “It is GOD’S provision for our EVERY NEED when we need it.” Wow.

Do you need to feel loved?

Do you need to be comforted?

Do you need to be delivered?

It also goes on to say, “It has been well said that God in His grace gives us what we DO NOT DESERVE, and in His mercy gives us what WE DO NOT DESERVE.”

Thank you JESUS!

It took a long time for me to rely on God’s strength during the stillbirth of my daughter, Mackenzy. You know “it was NOT fair” that this person was pregnant. It was not “fair” that “they” had healthy babies. I was a mad person. I never thought I would get past it. But you know what, I didn’t have A RIGHT to be a mom. It wasn’t my right to be a wife. Why did I think that I had a right to these things??? Why did I think I owned them? God owns everything, ya’ll. I mean everything.

 I would not have gotten through the death of my daughter IF it weren’t for God’s grace being sufficient for me in my weakness. So, I come back to what God has been teaching me for 2 years now. HE IS ENOUGH. HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. When I am weak then my Father can be glorified because we all know I can’t do it on my own. So, I say with boldness that only a child of God can say. No matter what happens here in my temporary and quick life, IT DOES NOT MATTER! My God, ya’ll…HE IS STINKIN’ MORE THAN ENOUGH.

Always At His Feet,


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15 thoughts on “God is Enough EVEN through DEATH. WooHOOOOO

  1. Love the whole post and love the song! I had never heard of Lecrae before you mentioned him another time on FB and I’m so glad you did! He’s awesome! Great post, Kristy – keep up the great writing 🙂

  2. Thank you for this timely blog sister! My son and daughter-in-law just lost their 3 month pregnancy last week and tomorrow is the 4th year anniversary of my mom’s going Home. So, I am dealing with many thoughts of death lately…but you are so spot on, we don’t have the right…it is by God’s grace that we are…and yes, His grace Is sufficient…I couldn’t imagine living without…and it is The Hope of seeing our lost ones that gives us peace…blessings to you sister ❤ Dianna, OBS Vol. Small Group Leader

  3. Thank you for opening your heart and for your testimony of God’s grace in your life. His power is made perfect in our weakness.
    Blessings to you!
    Christina (Group 50)

  4. Oh Kristy! I am so glad I read your blog today! It was exactly what my heart has been saying too! I love being a Jesus Freak! All the glory to our Father! Woo hoo!

    Stela – OBS Small Group Leader

  5. You’re so amazing, Kristy, I love how you unpack scripture for us. I need to get one of those Bible Exposition Commentary’s. Thanks for the inspiration today as always! Kim (fellow OBS sister).

  6. You do an awesome job at unpacking a scripture verse! I love reading your blogs, you are so good at em! Thank you for taking the time out to bless others! love you♥

  7. Kristy,
    Your words spoke to my heart and I felt like your post was a personal love letter from God to me. His Grace is sufficient and more than enough to meet every circumstance, need or obstacle that might be on my life. I do not need to be anxious , fearful or fret about anything because He is with me and He knows the plans that He has for me and they are for my good and my success. On September 26, 2102. I lost my 27year old daughter who was hit and killed by a car while she was walking home and it was only seconds before that I was talking and laughing with her and looking at her beautiful smile and hearing her voice say” I love you, mom and I will see you at home. But, Kristy I totally get what you are saying because it was a privilege to be her mother for 27 years and not my right. I can also attest to the truth that it is God’s grace that upheld me during this difficult time and that continues to give me peace that is inexplicable and only from God. I am learning to trust and rely on His strength more each day and I know that apart from Him , I can do nothing. Thank you for this inspiring , challenging Word from the Lord and know that He used you mightily today to speak into this life.
    One of your sisters on a radical Jesus Journey, too,
    Roberta (Small OBS Leader Group 18)

  8. – Kristy, once again, great blog of you sharing of God’s faith and promises taking care of us and our love ones even when we don’t have the power or understanding of it. Oh if I could just get it through my head that God Is Enough His Grace is Sufficient, oh how my worries and stressors and would go away, or pointed in a way he wants me to go in situation or event.

  9. Beautiful words, Kristy! Love your heart. I can’t imagine what you’ve been through, but I love how God has given you #Peace and strength. I love the song you posted. Lecrae is awesome! I went to see him in concert a few times, and I love his passion, and the devotion he does during his concerts are amazing!

  10. Kristy….what can I say? I thought that nobody would move me more than my son as it relates to complete and surrendered faith. You have proven me wrong. I aspire to be like you and get to a point where His Spirit oozes from our pores. His grace is sufficient….yes, we can say we believe and get it and repeat it to others….it becomes harder when you stare at the reality of it in the face. When you have to deal with the death of a child before you see the life (I know you and I will see our babies in heaven and they will be perfect), an illness or any other adverse thing, it is really easy to fall into the doubting game. But His grace IS sufficient for us. This is most certainly true!!

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