Being a Mom is Tough



Isaiah 49:23 says,

“Kings and queens will serve you
and care for all your needs.
They will bow to the earth before you
and lick the dust from your feet.
Then you will know that I am the Lord.
Those who trust in me will never be put to shame.”


Friends, we need to hope. We need to know that He is Lord God in all circumstances. When my grandfather was just diagnosed with prostate cancer, God is still my Lord God. When my husband was laid off twice, God is still my Lord. When Emilee was born with a severe heart defect that was suppose to need surgery, God is still my Lord God. When Mackenzy died, God is still my Lord God. When Kalee was born with hip dysplasia, God is still my Lord God.  When we have endless doctor appointments, God is still my Lord God. When it seems like there is never an end in site, God is still my Lord God. When we wonder if we will ever have enough money, God is still my Lord God. In all these things, God is still God, He is still sovereign, and He is still the only hope I will ever have. I desperately need hope in this calling of motherhood. It is tough. It is way tougher than I ever imagined. But dear sweet friends. Don’t forget all the good stuff. When my daughter’s heart defect was healed, God is still my Lord God. When somehow everything is provided for month by month, God is still my Lord God.


Can you just jump up and down right now. Mama’s we do have hope! Because we trust in things we can’t see. Because we trust in things we DON’T UNDERSTAND. Because we trust in things we don’t hear or feel. The Lord IS REALLY THE ONE IN CONTROL OF THE WORLD.


In this verse you know it is not common for captives to be rescued but God sees it done for Israel. Israel’s enemies will be destroyed and THAT WILL CAUSE THE WHOLE WORLD to know that THE LORD is God and our Savior, Creator, Redeemer, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords! No matter how tough this journey called motherhood gets, THE LORD IS STILL GOD! He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


This world will never be easy. Being a mom has caused me to worry about things that only the crazy mama mind could muster up. I desperately wish I could control every outcome. I never want my babies to experience any pain. We will LOSE loved ones and we will fall on the floor crying in pain. There is one huge thing we have~ We have HOPE by the blood of our Jesus Christ! We know He is Lord and He is in control.


So as a worrier, I must daily take thoughts captive and say out loud, “LORD, I trust you and I know that you are in control and because I fear you it is all for good.”


At His Feet,




4 thoughts on “Being a Mom is Tough

  1. I am such a worrier too! I really need to change my reactions to things so I learn to trust in Jesus rather than wallow in worry. Thank you for writing such a wonderful testimony.

  2. You have endured so much pain and yet, you still give the glory to God. I am so blessed to call you my friend. You lead by example and that is the BEST way to lead. Love to you! 🙂

  3. I’m a worrier too. Us Mom’s have wild imaginations. Still working on laying my worries and fears at the foot of the cross!
    Thanks for sharing your heart.

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