Child of God

John 112

DISCLAIMER: I am not a writer. I initially started a blog to show pictures of what I do at home as far as cooking and with the kids 😉 Now, I am writing because one day I might be called to speak….

 John 1:12

New International Version (NIV)

12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God—

Uh. Say What????????????

We are children of the Living God! If you really think about that then you will fall to your knees in thanksgiving…Wowzers. Yes, I just said wowzers.

I have been taught this my whole life. It has been etched in my brain since I was a toddler but only recently has this amazing truth begun to take root in my heart. It is hard for me to grasp this but when I am enabled to grasp just a little of this, it completely knocks my SOCKS OFF.

OBS has taught me so much. I have made life long friends. I mean sisters. This community has blown me away. I really learned how to take a verse and unpack what it means so this has become my new favorite thing to do.

“but as many as received Him”

This tells us that we have a part too. While salvation is a free gift, we must respond to God’s offer. As part of this offer we must believe, obey, and REPENT. Repentance is regret and  we change that behavior.

Repent = “feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.” Logos Bible Software

“He gave the right to become the children of God”

In Greek, this means right or privilege or legal authority. Oh my good gracious ya’ll. God, who raised Christ from the dead is our FATHER! We are His family! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH J

“those who believe”

So here is where we come in. This is an active and constant thing we have to do here. The Beloved Disciples Memoir says, “Biblical faith or trust is not primarily something we do, but someone in whom we put our trust.” This means we don’t trust anything here on earth and this even includes our “feelings.” So many times I get caught up in what I feel. Did “I feel it” at church today? Do I feel God answering my prayers? Why do I feel this way? A lot of these “feelings” are not God’s promises. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Does my relationship with husband come automatically with all good feelings? Um…absolutely not! As fallen women, we must trust God’s trustworthiness and His faithfulness. We must TRUST His Living Word because it is absolutely a matter of life or death. This world will crush us. Satan will bully us. People we love will pass away. Cancer will happen to someone you know and it just sucks. We will have financial problems. We will HURT!!!!!! God’s Word and His trustworthiness and faithfulness is ALL WE HAVE.

“in His Name”

When we believe in His name that means we receive Him. This believing involves seeing Him as God’s Son and accepting that as real. If you have not done this then I urge you for the sake of your life to get on your knees and truly repent of your sins and ask Jesus into your heart. Surrender it all to the only One who will never fail you nor forsake you.

So here we are. We are sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God. Yet, we are His children. We are an heir to His Kingdom. We are loved unconditionally. We have an amazing promise (GUARANTEE) that anyone who receives Christ will be born again and be in the FAMILY OF GOD. My. Heart. Is. Overwhelmed.

john 112 quiet

God is holding our hand, ya’ll! He is right there loving you! He has not or will not ever leave you. Surrender! Surrender now…this song is really really good if you have a few minutes:-)



One more if you have time 😉